Bioflavour is a trading company specializing in the sales of functional food ingredients, spices, flavorings, colorings, etc. The company is dynamic and offers a wide range of products on the market. Here you will find products belonging to the main groups of food additives such as vegetable proteins, animal proteins, antioxidants, stabilizers, natural spices, enzymes, oleoresins, spices, colourants and organic products without E numbers.

Dutch Global Spice -trade--Dutch Global Spice
The company specializes in another direction, which serves the needs of the food industry. The company offers machines and technological equipment for various sectors of the food industry.

The main objective of Biofllavour to meet the needs and expectations of its customers. This can be achieved by providing high quality products and services. The high level of satisfaction of our customers is the result of careful selection of products among leading manufacturers, timely delivery and care of our employees for stable and long term partnership with our contractors.

Our active and strong relationship with suppliers and business partners ensures reliability and makes it possible to perform large orders in a relatively short period of time.